Carolina Insurance Advisors - What do these companies have in common?

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Premiere Financial...Barnes Financial...TAG...Carolina Insurance Advisors....What do these companies have in common?

No good *ss tricky...punk b**ch ricky barnes. This piece of *** think that he doesn't have to answer for his unscrupulous actions... He runs his business like he's running numbers on the street. He even has the side ho's to boot.

He's down again from an office full of agents to the scarecrow crew. When will this man...if you can even call him that...learn that you can't thrive continuously screwing people.

It is going to *** you in the *ss and one day the *** is going to be so big that it will be completely gone!No starting over!


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #701161

his scarecrow crew have left him too.

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